Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2013

Microsoft® SharePoint® Designer 2013

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1 Days (6.5 instructional hours)

SharePoint 2013

Course Number: 091122S

Course Objective:

In this course, you will integrate data sources, customized data types, and author workflows in SharePoint Designer 2013 to model structured business processes without code.

Target Student:

This course is designed for advanced Microsoft SharePoint site owners and administrators who want to integrate data sources, customize content types, and automate common tasks using workflows.

Course Objective:

To ensure success, students need to take the following Logical Operations course:
· Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013: Site Owner


Course Outline


Lesson 1: Getting Started with SharePoint Designer 2013

Topic A: Introduction to SharePoint Designer
Topic B: Get Help and Support for SharePoint Designer


Lesson 2: Customizing and Implementing Content Types

Topic A: Customize Content Types
Topic B: Implement Custom Content Types


Lesson 3: Integrating Data Sources Using SharePoint Designer

Topic A: Access Data Sources
Topic B: Modify a Data Source in Data View


Lesson 4: Creating Workflows with the Workflow Platform

Topic A: Implement the Workflow Platform
Topic B: Design a Workflow


Lesson 5: Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer and Visio

Topic A: Design Workflows with Visio 2013
Topic B: Transfer a Visio Workflow Design to SharePoint Designer
Topic C: Publish a Visio Workflow Design Using SharePoint Designer


Lesson 6: Packaging and Deploying Workflows

Topic A: Package Workflows
Topic B: Deploy Workflow Packages

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