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The Advantages of Off-Site Consulting & Training

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The Advantages of Off-Site Consulting & Training

The Advantages of Off-Site Consulting & Training

At we specialize in streamlining businesses’ internal processes. Our team of consultants and software developers gain a deep understanding of your business to find ways to make your entire process leaner and efficient.

So how is this done exactly?

It’s done through extensive consulting.’s Consulting Services

We investigate many factors to help us understand the type of business you’re operating, how many employees you have, what kind of product or service you’re offering, how many people are involved in certain tasks, and your overall vision for how the improved process should work.

The team at strongly believes that we can provide the best advice by fully understanding the ins and outs of your business.

Off-Site vs. On-site Consulting

As a software development company based in New York, we are all too familiar with how convenient technology can make our lives. When it comes to consultation, the traditional approach that is used is to visit your company’s workplace to observe and investigate how your business operates.  While on-site consultation provides the opportunity to personally see the workings of your operations, it can also create disruptions as well. On-site consultation can take up more time and possibly disturb operations and productivity.

However, there are other ways to provide consulting for your business operations. This is done with off-site consulting.

Advantage of Off-Site Consulting has the resources to set up an off-site consultation where you will be able to upload information to our confidential database with confidence knowing that your documents are 100% secure. Through our private off-site consultation services, our team will be able to access your project files and examine them remotely. Through this process, we’ll gain a better understanding of your current state operations, how many people it takes to execute certain tasks, and other important details to help us develop the best solution for your business.’s off-site consulting services are the starting point to improving your software management system. Once it’s developed and migrated into your database, we then provide off-site training for your team.

Off-Site Training

New and improved software management systems, no matter how well they are developed, still takes time to learn and get used to. has a few ways to help your employees get comfortable with their new software through online tutorials, webinars, and more.

Typically, there are access levels for various users, as some individuals will have access to more information, while others will only need to access specific information. We can also build a custom tutorial for every function, and for every department—and this can all be done through off-site training.

Understanding the Difference

Generally, anything that can be done remotely is considered off-site. Consulting and training are two separate phases that complement each other. Consulting is about finding a solution based on your current state processes while training provides you with the tools to understand how to use the new software solution. The development and testing stages occur in-between. has all of this covered for you. Our development team comes together to custom-design a software management solution that is built specifically with your business in mind.

Schedule an off-site meeting with us today to learn how we can improve your business. Call 1-800-682-0882 or contact us online.