Using Custom Excel Solutions to Enhance Your Construction Company’s Quoting Process

Success in the construction sector depends on being able to quote accurately and swiftly. It’s no secret that the process of finalizing a building offer can take several weeks, which can be both ineffective and time-consuming. But what if you could speed up the entire quote procedure to bring in 50% more money in only 1/3 the time? We used a customized Excel solution to achieve this for our customer, a construction company. We will detail the issue we encountered, the bespoke Excel solution we created to speed up the procedure, and how it helped our client generate more revenue and handle less work in this blog post.

The Issue: Preparing bids for various construction projects was taking our customer hours. Data from various sources had to be gathered, complex spreadsheets had to be managed, and calculations had to be done accurately. This led to a backlog of work and extended turnaround times, which led to a decline in business for the company.

The Solution: To simplify our client’s overall quoting process, we created a unique Excel solution. Every step of the process, including data gathering and bid filing, was automated thanks to the solution. We began by creating a master data sheet to compile all the data, which we could use to automatically populate all subsequent sheets. In order to provide the maximum precision and speed, we constructed numerous sheets that were connected to one another. Additionally, we set up a macro-enabled system that could automatically and pre-fill various fields in the sheets.

The Implementation: After creating the unique Excel solution, we sent the customer a thorough user guide with clear instructions on how to use the new tool. To guarantee a smooth transition, we also held practical training sessions with their team. In addition, we provide continuing assistance and upkeep to handle any potential problems in the future.

The Results: Our client’s business was clearly greatly impacted by the unique Excel solution we created and put into place. They discovered that they could produce quotes far more quickly and with a great deal fewer mistakes, giving them more time to concentrate on their primary job. They could take on more work and deal with more customers, which would boost revenue by 50%. Furthermore, they were able to close more agreements more quickly and effectively because their turnaround time for bids was reduced by 1/3.

Conclusion:The project was an overwhelming success overall, and we were happy to have had such a big impact on our client’s business. They were able to save time, lighten the stress on their team, decrease errors, and boost revenue thanks to the customized Excel solution we developed and implemented. Reach out to us if you’re in charge of a construction company and are sick of labor-intensive, ineffective methods. We’ll work with you to create an Excel solution that works, contact us today.