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Why Real Estate Analysts Rely on Excel

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Why Real Estate Analysts Rely on Excel

Analysts Need Support, Too

Managers of real estate investments tend to rely on internal analysts to provide the reports needed to manage their properties effectively. These analysts are likely well trained and experienced Excel users and may even have VBA experience. However, just like managers need their analysts, the analysts need reliable support for their Excel and real estate financial modelling challenges.

At Excelhelp.com, our team has seen and developed a large variety of Excel spreadsheets and models for clients in the Real Estate Industry and we know how to deal with common stumbling points and less common nuances.

Give your analysts the gift they need: a team of experts at ExcelHelp.com. Whether your firm develops properties, manages them, or invests in them, your analysts can leverage the resources of our team to add value to your business.

Unwieldy Models

Models of real estate investments often become unwieldy, with many inputs and complex formulas. Even the most seasoned analysts run into the following types of issues:

  • formulas break when budget line items (rows) or months (columns) are added to the model;
  • copying and pasting of data from other sources (accounting system, spreadsheets, data warehouse, etc.) is cumbersome and leads to errors;
  • Excel freezes up because so many formulas are calculating at once;
  • circular reference errors.

At ExcelHelp.com, we have helped numerous Real Estate Analysts overcome the above issues. Our experts know how to dissect models into their component parts and get them working so our clients can depend on them, month in and month out.

Not only do we get models working again, but our upgrades increase user efficiency, improve data visualization, and provide owners/managers with much needed reports.

Too Many Variables, Too little Time

Occupancy rates, rent levels and interest rates are just a few of the variables that impact the operating profitability and value of investment properties. When evaluating changes in all the variables over the holding period of an investment, the number of possible scenarios is enormous. The magnitude of this number is compounded when there are multiple investments. It becomes clear that the help of a well-designed model and superior computing power are essential.

At ExcelHelp.com, we provide analysts with applications that can efficiently run through the possibilities and develop forecasts.   Our expertise in Excel and knowledge of hardware capabilities allows us to maximize model performance and minimize your time at the water cooler while the computer is busy churning.  We do this by leveraging Excel’s native capabilities in conjunction with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code.

Reporting for Multiple Properties

Our clients are interested in historical performance and projections on an individual property level and aggregate basis. We can provide aggregate data based on investors, geographical area, market, department, division, or any other factor of interest. Our interactive tables and charts allow you to choose the data you want to view and allow you to drill down on items of interest.

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