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Excel Help’s Bug Free Guarantee

We understand that adjusting to new software processes can be frustrating. While the end goal is to make your company’s daily work life quicker and more efficient, old habits have a tendency to stick around. That applies to navigating new software. Learning new processes can cause a few delays and may even appear to slow down work processes, but that’s normal with learning anything new.

Some Causes for Software Bugs:

When smartphones came out, it turned out to be a worldwide phenomenon that kept people engaged because it was a new type of technology. The downside to that new technology is that most of that smartphone software was riddled with bugs!

‘Bugs’ are considered a glitch in a software’s program that prevents it from operating properly. It generally means that there’s a foreign code within the software system that either confuses the existing software program, causing it to shut down, or cause the program to do something that it wasn’t intended to do. There might just be a typo within the coding that throws everything off. Whether these bugs are purposely or accidentally installed, they are a problem and an inconvenience.

Understanding the Complexity of Custom Software:

Unfortunately, with new technology, bugs are to be expected. There’s really no way of knowing what works and what doesn’t without running the program. Even what seems to be the most elementary software involves extensive pages of coding. So when you’re custom designing software that has already been tested like Microsoft Excel, what you’re doing is building processes on top of pre-existing coding. In short, custom designing software to fit your company’s needs is a complex process, but for some software development companies, not a difficult one.

Excel Help’s 30-Day Bug Free Warranty:

ExcelHelp, a software and development consultation firm of ESOFTWARE ASSOCIATES INC. in New York understands the difficulties and frustration that can come with adjusting to different software applications. That’s why we offer a Bug Free Guarantee for all of our services. Here’s how it works:

• A 30-day warranty is guaranteed on the work that our company has done for you.

• The ‘work’ is referred to as deliverables. You and our company clarify these deliverables under the Statement of Work agreement that is signed before the project begins.

• The 30-day warranty begins once the deliverables are uploaded and sent to the client with a formal notification letter that officially states the date when the work has been completed.

Selecting the Right Software Development Company:

When you’re searching for a Microsoft consulting company, you want to make sure that you’re investing your business’ time and money wisely. We understand that you’re already spending valuable time trying to improve processes. Selecting the right software consulting company will reflect that.

Our goal at ExcelHelp is to make you feel confident that you won’t waste your company’s time dealing with bugs after we’ve developed and installed your new software. After the initial training session of how the new process works, you and your employees will continue business as usual, except you might have a few minutes to spare, thanks to your new software process.

Getting the Bugs Out:

Bugs are a problem. We know that. With ExcelHelp’s “Bug-Free Guarantee”, that problem won’t be yours. After building your company’s new Excel spreadsheet application, we administer an extensive testing phase that eliminates any bugs that could infiltrate your software functions.

If you’re looking for a Microsoft consulting service that can show you the full potential of your existing software, and help you improve your process by customizing an Excel spreadsheet to work like a web-based interface, ExcelHelp has consultants and designers with many years of experience that can deliver this. We believe our Bug-Free Guarantee will put you at ease knowing that you’ve chosen experienced professionals to show you exactly what Excel can do and how it can work for you.

Call ExcelHelp to learn more about how we can improve your work process with Microsoft Excel and our Bug-Free Guarantee at 1-800-682-0882, or submit a request for an estimate online to us today.