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Excel Training in 2016

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Excel Training in 2016

Usually there is a silent lament mixed with anticipated joy in the business industry when there’s an upgrade to the Microsoft Excel application. New software or an upgrade typically means that a change has been made to make your work life a little easier. However, the actual result can be of the contrary. Users have already familiarized themselves with how certain formulas work, and most upgrades try to cater to this, making it user-friendly so that there isn’t much of a difference in use. However, some of these changes will inevitably take some type of adjustment.

Software Training:

This is why training is needed. While some may feel more comfortable self-teaching themselves Excel, others may prefer a little outside help. Opting for software training is actually the smarter choice because you’ll not only learn about the latest updates, but you’ll also learn to use Excel in ways that you might have not known was an option.

Changes You Don’t See:

For instance, Excel users may already be familiar with how they’re currently navigating the software. Many who are familiar with Excel probably have seen that list of formulas that you’ve skimmed over to get to the common ones. Even for those who prefer to teach themselves might only learn certain formulas as they’re needed. When you choose to get training, you learn to create functions that will make your employees and overall business more productive. Getting formal training on your Excel software also equips you to use Excel to it’s fullest potential.

Where Can You Find Excel Training These Days?

ExcelHelp.com, a division of eSoftware Associates Inc., in New York, provides Excel training and consultation to businesses all over the world. We offer on-site training and remote group sessions as an option. The basic software application is not too difficult to understand with proper instruction, even for some of the less computer savvy Excel users. Many companies may not be aware of what Excel can do to optimize some of your company processes.

Using Microsoft Excel Could Save You Money:

Many businesses and organizations don’t utilize Microsoft Excel to it’s full potential. Neglecting Excel training and ignoring its full capabilities can cost your company valuable time and money as simple processes can be optimized with a single Excel application. If it is built correctly, an Excel application can save an enormous amount of time and provide much more accurate data, which translates into huge overall value for your organization.

If used the right way, Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that can help your company organize and analyze statistics with ease. Having the knowledge to properly use Excel will give users a better appreciation for it, having an increased speed of use that will inevitably allow for more efficient and productive work.

Exactly What Kind of Training is Provided?

The creative team of experts at ExcelHelp has taken the most common Excel formulas and created a user-friendly document here. But if you prefer more extensive training, ExcelHelp can assist you with this as we have experience working with companies large and small. For ease and convenience, we can come to your company and train your employees, or if you prefer, do it remotely. All of our trainers have over 8+ years of experience and we custom-design training sessions in a way that will benefit your company based on your current processes and procedures with a hands-on approach.

If you’re interested in updating your company with how the 2016 Microsoft Excel can be utilized, consider ExcelHelp’s Microsoft Excel training. Schedule a free consultation with us by contacting us online or call our toll free number at 1-800-682-0882 today.