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How to Hire a Microsoft Software Consulting Firm

Software Consulting

Hiring a Microsoft Software Consulting Firm can be one of the smartest investments a company can make. You’ll not only get the benefit of expertise and knowledge, but you’ll be able to work with the company to develop solutions to fit your needs. Working with a MS consulting firm like eSoftware can be rewarding. 1. […]

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Using Microsoft Excel for Bill of Materials

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Build a Bill of Materials

Using Microsoft Excel for Build of Materials will save you time, money and unwanted headaches. For example, let’s take a look at the restaurant industry. For most restaurants, the process of taking a customer order, providing the requested menu item, and handing over a printed bill is fairly straight-forward. The restaurant hosts are familiar with […]

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Office 365 – Benefits Of a Cloud-Based Solution

increase productivity

One of the benefits of using Office 365 and moving to a cloud-based solution with a company like ExcelHelp is that you and your business get access to the newest technology without needing to upgrade systems. One big announcement was the release of Microsoft 365, which provides Office programs already available by the user account license, and adds Windows 10 […]

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Why You Should Consider Using Excel as a Front-End for Your Database

Imagine you’ve just started dating someone who you’d really like to impress. You offer to cook dinner one evening, but suddenly find yourself short on both time and ingredients. You have several options: Make use of the time and ingredients you do have. Surely your date will love that frozen pea, pasta, and ketchup concoction […]

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Utilizing Excel and VBA to Create Dynamic Views of a Spreadsheet

It was just ten years ago when most electronic devices were designed with a single-purpose in mind. If you wanted to take a picture of reasonable quality, you purchased a camera. If you wanted directions to a destination, you purchased a GPS unit. If you wanted to listen to a MP3 file, you purchased a […]

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Bring your Team in Sync with Flow Diagrams

Don’t Jump to Conclusions Have you ever been in a situation where someone jumped right in and presented their solution to their view of a problem?   How much different is the outcome when the problem is first clearly and accurately defined and appropriate input is received? What’s the Problem? In order to fully define a […]

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Leveraging Financial Modeling in Excel to Optimize Your Business Decisions

Starting and operating a business can be a daunting task. Given the knowledge required of branding to website development to legal, tax, and accounting considerations to getting the right operational processes and team in place, a casino starts to seem like a more appealing alternative for making sound financial decisions. Now if that casino had […]

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Why Pair Your Excel Charts with Custom VBA Solutions

Remember when you opened a large Excel file and in the time you waited for the file to open, you realized you could have taken a long lunch break? Remember that time your boss asked you to create yet another chart that looks exactly like the three-hundred you already have in your Excel file? Remember […]

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How Custom Excel Solutions Make Companies 2X More Efficient

When you invest in a customized Microsoft Excel solution, you are building a system that is designed to specifically meet the needs of your company. Processes will be built based on how your company’s internal workflow operates. In contrast,   “out-of-the-box” management systems, require you to work around the system, forcing you to figure out how […]

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Microsoft Excel Training Experts in New York City

Save Time and Improve Efficiency with an Excel Help Custom Solution

It might seem unnecessary for professionals to take an extended training lesson on Microsoft Excel. Some businesses don’t use it beyond the well-known features of mass mailing capabilities and organized lists. Many people incorrectly assume that unless you are and accountant there’s not much more of a practical reason to use Microsoft Excel—but there are […]

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