Easy Ways to Share Excel Data with PowerBI

From the outset, Microsoft has pushed the idea of Excel and Power BI being ‘better together’, but in the early days it was not easy to share your Excel data so that you could perform analysis on it. Once the data was there, it was easy enough to work with, but getting the data into […]

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Why Real Estate Analysts Rely on Excel

Analysts Need Support, Too Managers of real estate investments tend to rely on internal analysts to provide the reports needed to manage their properties effectively. These analysts are likely well trained and experienced Excel users and may even have VBA experience. However, just like managers need their analysts, the analysts need reliable support for their […]

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How to Hire a Microsoft Software Consulting Firm

Software Consulting

Hiring a Microsoft Software Consulting Firm can be one of the smartest investments a company can make. You’ll not only get the benefit of expertise and knowledge, but you’ll be able to work with the company to develop solutions to fit your needs. Working with a MS consulting firm like eSoftware can be rewarding. 1. […]

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Using Microsoft Excel for Bill of Materials

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Build a Bill of Materials

Using Microsoft Excel for Build of Materials will save you time, money and unwanted headaches. For example, let’s take a look at the restaurant industry. For most restaurants, the process of taking a customer order, providing the requested menu item, and handing over a printed bill is fairly straight-forward. The restaurant hosts are familiar with […]

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Excel and SharePoint Solutions

With advances in both Excel and SharePoint , it is now possible to create solutions that leverage SharePoint’s hosting and security features along with Excel’s powerful calculation engine, pivot tables, and charting capabilities. When SharePoint is used as a central repository for lists, multiple users throughout the organization can have permissions to access those lists […]

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